Anthony Kao

Product Manager. Prose Writer.
Intersects technology and liberal arts.


Who am I, and what do I do?

Salutations! I'm Anthony, a Product Manager who bridges technology and the liberal arts.

  • Currently, I work at Khan Academy.
  • In high school and college, I worked with clients like the United Nations at my own web design firm, BWC Productions.
  • I studied Chinese History at Berkeley and turned down law schools to build products instead.
  • I also have design and development experience at Yahoo! and the Lawrence Hall of Science.

In my free time, I start super PACs, get rejected by literary magazines, and review foreign movies.

Learn more about my experiences and pursuits in the projects and prose sections below.

Want to get in touch? Here are some options:

  • If you want to connect professionally, add me on LinkedIn.
  • If you have other questions or want to grab tea together, email .


I write, therefore I am.

Cinema Escapist

A cinema commentary site I started that focuses on foreign, independent, and documentary films. Updated weekly.
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Personal Blog

Rants, musings, neurotic creative pieces, and more, straight from my sleep-deprived mind. Updated sporadically.
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Other Publications

Someday, the New Yorker and McSweeny's will stop rejecting my pieces. Hollow dreams aside, I've written a satirical religious pamphlet called the Book of Cowism and published a short story in Teen Ink Magazine back in high school. Hopefully I'll have something more legit here soon.

Private Editing Services

Over the past few years, I've edited people's writing as a side gig. I can edit your writing too. My repertoire includes:

  • College application essays—for these I usually do longer-term advising engagements.
  • Graduate school (Master's, PhD, MD, JD, etc.) and research grant applications (e.x. Fulbright, NSF).
  • Cover letters and resumes.
  • Research papers, book reviews, and senior theses.
  • Love letters, e-mails to parents, or anything else you need.

Clients have received interviews/offers from institutions like Cambridge University, Bain & Company, and the American Enterprise Institute. If you're interested, please email for rates and details.