Joe Six PAC

My super punny super PAC

January 2012—my freshman year winter break was in its dying days, and my level of boredom was beginning to rise. Thus, I did what any bored college kid would do: I started a satirical super PAC.

Inspired by Stephen Colbert and a story I found on reddit about a Florida man who created a couple dozen random super PACs, I looked on the Federal Election Commission's website and discovered that starting a super PAC was ridiculously easy. In a sudden fit of "why the hell not", I expropriated my friend Richard's Dartmouth PO Box as an official address, sent off some paperwork to Washington, and birthed Joe Six PAC into existence.


Joe Six PAC business cards.

Unfortunately, my boredom was not yet satisfied. Surfing the waves of BS which crashed upon the beach of campaign finance, I constructed a complete brand identity for Joe Six PAC. I made a website, a logo, a Facebook page, and even some business cards because, again, why the hell not?

Hello, media

Joe Six PAC graces the Wall Street Journal on a slow news day

Fast forward several months. One day I checked my Spam folder and found a two week-old email from The New Republic requesting an interview about Joe Six PAC. Another day, I discovered the PAC on a Politico listicle. Shortly afterwards, a reporter from The Wall Street Journal contacted me as well. It was fortunate her email didn't go to Spam, because Joe Six PAC ended up getting a spot on WSJ's front page in August 2012. That article led to a second, more extended interview with The American Prospect, which you can view in all its satirical glory here.

Other media shoutouts include: FOX News, Mother Jones, Marketplace, The Washington Post, Slate, and NPR/Foreign Policy.

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